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Sa. 18.05.2019   20:00->Ballhaus Ost, Prenzlauer Berg

Artist talk following 'Dogs of Love - A Queer Quantum Love Story'

Queer performance collective ONCE WE WERE ISLANDS investigate the intimate connection between two people that goes beyond the bounds of time and space. Using autobiographical narrative and research into life stories that defy the constraints of heteronormativity, the performance collective create a semi-fictional family tree of queer belonging and invite the audience to discuss on queer heritage after the show.

1 Can we ever really leave someone we have fallen in love with? To the sound of running feet, Dogs of Love is a time-travelling queer study into the art of staying together. Photo © Julian Hemelberg2 Mmakgosi Kgabi, Dancer, choreographer

Is commitment different in queer relationships? Can we ever really leave someone we have fallen in love with? How can ideas about commitment adapt to the modern relationship? What is a queer heritage? How are we connected to the past and the future? Discuss with artist directors Chris Gylee and Richard Aslan, and host Mmakgosi Kgabi about "Dogs of Love" and its queer study into the art of staying together.

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8:00 pm – Performance

after the show, 9:00 pm - Artist Talk 

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wann: Sa. 18.05.2019   20:00

wo: Ballhaus Ost
Pappelallee 15, Prenzlauer Berg, 10437 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

About the venue

Ballhaus Ost

Ballhaus Ost is a performance venue for independent theater, performance and dance. Housed in the former festival and assembly hall of Berlin’s free religious community constructed in 1907, it sees itself as a cooperation partner for groups and artists working in all elds of the performing arts. Founded in 2006 by Uwe Moritz Eichler, Philipp Reuter and Anne Tismer, Ballhaus Ost has been run by Daniel Scharder and Tina Pfurr since 2011.  

About the performance

Dogs of Love - A Queer Quantum Love Story

From the starting point of their own real-life love story, the two performers run in opposite directions through time, embarking on a virtual journey into pasts and futures populated with real and imagined stories of queer togetherness. Chris Gylee and Richard Aslan work in the fertile ground between performance, choreography, installation, and academic investigation. Using autobiographical narrative and meticulous research into life stories that defy the constraints of heteronormativity, they create a semi-fictional family tree of queer belonging, taking in the likes of Reinaldo Arenas, Marsha P Johnson, Sylvia Rivera, Jack Bee Garland, Audre Lorde, and Samuel Delany.

About the artists

Once we were islands

ONCE WE WERE ISLANDS is a collaboration between artistic directors Chris GYLEE (scenographer and performance maker) and Richard ASLAN (writer and performance maker). Our work centres on participative experiences and has the goal of developing artistic formats. Our projects begin with a research question or a strong connection to someone who looks at the world in ways we are not used to. Our collaborators might be specialists, have a particular life experience or skill, think about things in an intriguing way, or simply be open to exploration. Our ongoing research enquires into queerness, empathy, marginalisation, and activism. We take as our raw material elements of performance, theatre, installation, and choreography. The result is a series of contemporary rituals within interlocking performative machines and laboratories. These charged spaces encourage uncanny experiences, provoke surprising thought patterns, and cast light upon human interaction. 

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