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  • Performance + artist talk
  • Towel of Babel
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  • Do., 08.12.2016, 20:00
–> English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center

Artist talk following 'Übersetzung/Translation/Tradução'

Somewhere between spoken word theater and a “dysfunctional” musical in English, Portuguese and German, 'Übersetzung' is a kaleidoscopic view on what’s happening in Europe today. After the performance the audiences are invited to discuss about the performance with Divas Iludidas /Deluded Divas.

“What should I do now? With my knowledge, my living experience? Am I in Europe? There’s still a Europe? Am I at war? Are we at war? Is my democracy becoming dangerous? For me? For others? How can I say this? How will I be able to communicate this? How can I translate myself?” After the performance the audiences will get in dialogue with Divas Iludidas /Deluded Divas and talk about the search for answers to the questions of performance.

You can now reserve tickets (8 €/14 €) including free admission to the discussion directly through Theater Scoutings! (up to 1 day before the performance) Just send an email and the desired number of tickets to reservierung(at)theaterscoutings-berlin.de.
You are also certainly welcome to simply come by on the day of the performance, but we are unable to guarantee that tickets will be available.


8:00 pm – Performance

After the show - Artist Talk

Questions? The people with pink Theater Scoutings badges are here to help you.

Karten-Telefon: 030/ 69 11 21 1
Karten per E-Mail: tickets(at)etberlin.de
  • Do., 08.12.2016, 20:00
wo: English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center, Fidicinstrasse 40, Kreuzberg, 10965 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

About the Venue

English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center

English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center is the German capital’s only producing and presenting organization in the Hauptstadt expressly dedicated to English, the 21st century lingua franca, as the working language. Our year-round programming comprises the Producing Series – Made in Berlin, the Presenting Series, as well as our Performing Series and Pedagogy Series. We are a proud member of Berlin’s freie Szene, the independent performing arts community, and are currently developing platforms to share our work within Germany and abroad. We consciously use theater and performance as living, discursive forms to bring artists and audiences into conversation with each other about our shared city and the greater world we live in.


About the piece


We came to Berlin about 7 months ago. One day we bought a one-way ticket from Lisbon to Berlin and left everything behind. The purpose? Start over. The world is a far too good experience to miss. New country. New city. New people. New language(s). A room and then another, and then a flat. Papers to fill, the verbs, the articles, der, die, das, and Europe on the brink.

About the artists

Divas Iludidas /Deluded Divas

The Divas Iludidas (Deluded Divas) collective started to develop their artistic work in 2011, as a channel to develop the multidisciplinary collaborations between Ana Ribeiro and António Duarte. They started as a “political intervention” collective, focusing their shows in reflecting on the idea: “This is always been like this (Regarding Portugal), and what are we, the people, going to do about it? The same old drama, without any reaction towards ending the endless corruption, and caciquism? Or just towards something else for a change?”