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Sa. 13.02.2016   20:00->TATWERK | PERFORMATIVE FORSCHUNG , Kreuzberg

Artist Talk in English after 'Short Stories Big City'

The solo performance "Short Stories Big City" is a sequence of fragmented episodes that draws you in its atmospheric expression of today's city life. Artist Despina Kapetanaki will discuss the performance after the show.

1 "Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen"2 Lauren Hart, Theatre Maker and Performer

An open discussion about the working methods and creative process behind the performance and its development is offered after the show: Audience feedback and questions are welcome!

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You are also certainly welcome to simply come by on the day of the performance, but we are unable to guarantee that tickets will be available.

8:00 pm – Performance 
after the show - Artist Talk 
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wann: Sa. 13.02.2016   20:00

Hasenheide 9, Gewerbehof - 2. Hinterhof, Aufgang 1, 3. OG, Kreuzberg , 10967 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

About the Venue:


TATWERK | PERFORMATIVE FORSCHUNG is a production centre and studio for the performing arts in Berlin. The artistic research focus in physical theatre, dance and performance with a particular attention to interdisciplinary projects. TATWERK is a crossing point for artists who chose the body as material and the research as a tool for their work. Our work consists in offering an artisic exchange platform for ideas, artistic practices and projects. Our main interest concentrates on multidisciplinary, political and poetic projects in the field of the performing arts. We are particulalry interested in the research of thematic and aestheitc tension fields beween different artistic, social and scientific disciplines. The resulting program consisting o classes, workshops and performance projects is completed by events ans festivals where chosen artists present their work in form of previews, work in progress or ready productions. 

About the piece:

Short Stories Big City

One performer, the space and you - the spectator. You enter. A mysterious figure welcomes you. Electronic bits come out of the speakers. A stream of fragmented reality is unfolding in front of your eyes: daily life, street images and familiar human behavior is taking over the space. What is this about? The city is dancing. Watch: who is this funny guy and why does he speak so strange? And what about that woman? What does she want from you? Oh! And look over there: there is somebody who looks like you. Now, keep watching. What is this about? The city is dancing and it's dancing for you. Observe: something will emerge. Be aware. Do not lower your eyes: the city is dancing and it's dancing hard. Are you following? This is about you, about us. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the show...

About the artist:

Despina Kapetanaki

Despina Kapetanaki, born in Athens, Greece, holds a degree in Theatre Studies from the University of Athens and a diploma in Acting with a focus on physical theatre. She has worked as performer with her own projects in Ireland, Greece and Germany. From October 2013 until April 2015 she was artistic director of the Experimental Theatre Studio in Bielefeld University, Germany, with which she produced several performances and site-specific projects. From May 2015 she lives and works in Berlin. As a performer she is creating her own projects inspired by daily life, ordinary people and the contemporary socio-political situation. The focus of the work lies on physical theatre and dance performance, which are combined with music, text and poetry.

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