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  • Performance + Talk
  • In English
  • brainwashing
  • Fr., 04.09.2015, 20:00
–> Acker Stadt Palast

Artist Talk in English: NORTHKOREOGRAPHIE (S)

A 360° examination of the permeability of the most porous and unstable item: the human brain™. A performance of lights, moods, uniforms and adrenaline. Talk to the artists after the show!

When theatropo, a multimedia / performing arts platform focused on transnational research and sensory displacement, produces a “polysemic satire on the thorny microregimes hidden between the folds of civil reality”, there is certainly a lot to talk about: sit around the table in the foyer and do just that with the artists after the show!

You can now reserve tickets (5/8 €) including free admission to the post-performance discussion directly through Theater Scoutings! (up to 1 day before the performance) Just send an email and the desired number of tickets to reservierung(at)theaterscoutings-berlin.de.
You are also certainly welcome to simply come by on the day of the performance, but we are unable to guarantee that tickets will be available. 


8:00 pm – Performance
after the show - Discussion
Questions? The persons with pink Theaterscoutings-badges are here to help you.

Karten-Telefon: 030/ 44 10 00 9
Karten per E-Mail: karten(at)ackerstadtpalast.de
  • Fr., 04.09.2015, 20:00
wo: Acker Stadt Palast, Ackerstr. 169/170, Mitte, 10115 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

About the venue:

Acker Stadt Palast

Acker Stadt Palast is a place where established artists and newcomers meet to experience and reflect upon contemporary discourse. The venue, which opened in 2012 in Schokoladen in Mitte, focuses on offering new types of connections between contemporary dance and contemporary music. Acker Stadt Palast is also curious about various aesthetic forms of dance and theater.


About the piece:


Ranging from Oriental wisdom (the empty mind, zazen thinking) to Western influences (media impostures, advertising), from totalitarianism to claustrophobic ideologies/institutions (religion and/or religious sects, schools and/or barracks, prisons and/or mental hospitals), a 360° survey about the permeability (as well as the rinse and relative spin cycle) of the most porous and unstable item: the human brain™.A performance of lights, moods, uniforms and adrenaline. On stage mannequins of power, lobster-loving dictators, starving peasants and sadistic bureaucrats. In a swirl of roles and situations - where nothing is true and consequently everything is permitted - a multifaceted and polysemic satire about the power as persuasion, psyche's passepartouts and all the thorny microregimes hidden between the folds of civil reality.

About the artists:


theatropo doesn’t existneverthless, it is said to be born on august, 27th 2011 in belgiuma multimedia / performing arts’ platform focused on transnational research and sensory displacement