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  • theater + post-performance talk
  • feminism
  • patriarchy
  • Fr., 22.04.2022, 20:00
–> TD Berlin

Audience Talk following 'BANG!'

The collective Glossy Pain embarks on a quest for the erotic power to change everything, grappling with its own contradictions in both sensual and grotesque ways. After the show the audience is invited to exchange sensations and questions with the artistic team.

  • 1Fuck patriarchy - but not for free. Foto © Sebastian Pircher

BANG! critically examines the prevailing patriarchal power structures, not only but also in the theatre world. Created in collective authorship, BANG! shows both in terms of content as well as structurally where the weak points of our society lie, what a long road still lies ahead in the fight against oppression and patriarchy and how a different way of living and (artistic) working together can be possible beyond fear-dominated hierarchies. In a post-show talk in English, the authors/performers will answer questions on the process of writing and creating as well as exchange impressions and observations on the various background topics of the play. Moderation : Isabelle Redfern.

Ticket prices: 16,50 € / red. 9,90 €

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Hygiene Policy & accessibility: https://td.berlin/tickets

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  • Fr., 22.04.2022, 20:00
wo: TD Berlin , Klosterstraße 44, Mitte, 10179 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

Über den Veranstaltungsort

TD Berlin

TD Berlin is a theatre in the middle of the city, centrally located between Alexanderplatz and the Spree. The repertoire includes a weekly changing programme of new productions and performances with reference to current social issues.
As a production venue, it is an important partner for independent companies and artists in local, national and international networks. The TD Berlin cooperates with professional theatre makers and young talents in the development of their projects. The programme focus is on the further development of contemporary spoken theatre, but also on festivals and events in public space.
TD Berlin aims to tell stories in an unusual way and to open up space for new narratives, and sees itself as a place for reflection and negotiation. The changing stages and spaces are also meeting places for urban society to gather and question in exchange with artistic statements.

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Recognizing the power of the erotic within our lives can give us the energy to pursue genuine change within our world (…).
— Audre Lorde

… but doesn’t patriarchy still fuck best? Is toxic masculinity contagious? Is squirting actually peeing? What answers are provided by the Vagina Bible? Is sex work art? And if so, when will the Künstlersozialkasse finally understand that?
J’ai toujours aimé faire l'amour. But not with you. It smells like petrichor, upheaval, departure. Is it too late to start all over again? Everybody needs love. But when did this all get so complicated? Excuse me, pardon, can anybody make this stop? I’m not a bad feminist.
A look through the feminist kaleidoscope of 21st century confusions reveals the ideological parallels of anti-feminist, racist and fascist movements of the alt-right, #TradWives, pick-up artists and incels. 

Über die Mitwirkenden

Glossy Pain

Glossy Pain is a multilingual collective that works in changing constellations with international artists on feminist, anti-capitalist and anti-racist issues. Following Audre Lorde, the collective's mission is to liberate eroticism as a force from the clutches of patriarchy and to use it as a motor to create a utopia of free, communal working far away from hierarchical, patriarchal structures.
Let's unfuck the patriarchy out of our bodies! 

 Instagram @glossy_pain