Dance and music theatre + audience talk; Multidisciplinarity (live music dance poetry) Afro-German mediation cultural mediation

Fr. 15.07.2022   20:00->ACUD Theater, Mitte

Audience Talk following 'IJAKADI OKAN'

The piece 'IJAKADI OKAN' talks about legends of the Nigerian Yorùbá culture and life as an Afro-German. The Audience Talk deals with stereotypes and imparting knowledge.

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With live music, dance and poetry, Israel Akpan Sunday conveys the West African tradition of collective storytelling and transfers it to the Central European context. The artists will engage in an open exchange with the audience about the motivations behind the play and its significance for society. All are welcome to ask questions, express their opinions, or simply listen. Historical and political events surrounding the play can be topic of discussion as well. How is historical knowledge dealt with in Nigeria/Germany today? What meaning(s) do cultural and ritual customs/ceremonies/celebrations still have for us today?

Tickets (10,- reduced. / 15,- regular) can be purchased online and the following audience talk directly after the performance is free of charge.

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Additional Workshop:

July 17th 10-13h: Workshop at Tanz Fabrik Berlin. 

Following the performance he will offer his training to the Berlin community for a three hour workshop at Tanz Fabrik, focusing on diving into the work he has presented. The workshop is intended for professional dancers and people who are interested in the creative process behind choreographies. 

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wann: Fr. 15.07.2022   20:00

wo: ACUD Theater
Veteranenstr.21, Mitte, 10119 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

About the venue


Since 1990, the ACUD Theatre in Berlin-Mitte has been a place for young, innovative and diverse theatre that builds bridgesbetween drama, dance, performing arts, clowning and puppet theatre. As an independent stage, it supports the theatre work ofyoung groups and solo artists nationally and internationally. The ACUD Theatre organises festivals, initiates multiculturalencounters on political issues and enables experimental tightrope walks.



About the piece


Among other things, IJAKADI OKAN contributes to mutual understanding between different cultures by combining historical knowledge with contemporary approaches to imparting knowledge and values, while at the same time questioning the way existing stereotypes are dealt with. With its originality in the interplay of dance and live music, as well as the integration of traditional masquerades from Nigeria, IJAKADI OKAN sets a political sign towards more diversity and inclusion.

About the artists

Israel Akpan Sunday & Team

Israel Akpan Sunday, born in Lagos/Nigeria, is a dancer, choreographer, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. He completed his dance training at the renowned Ecole des Sables in Senegal. He commits his artistic work to the exploration of Nigeria's multicultural resources, developing community projects in Lagos and contributing to the further development of the independent contemporary dance scene in Nigeria. As a multidisciplinary artist, he fuses dance with elements of live music and poetry. Having a discursive exchange with his colleagues and his audience always plays a vital role in his processes.

Together with two dancers (Sarah Lasaki and  Ingjerd Solheim) and two musicians (Paul Timmich, Bettina Russmann), the choreographer, poet, musician and dancer Israel Sunday performs the piece Ijakadi Okan. Since 2008 he has been creating his own pieces, which have premiered at Tanz im August and K3 Kampnagel (Ijakadi Okan), among others. 



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