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  • Interactive performance + open rehearsal + audience feedback session with artists
  • #AI #EnvironmentalDestruction #hybridLiveArt
  • Fr., 04.02.2022, 18:00

Open rehearsal of ΣXHALE followed by audience feedback session

Interactive performance + audience feedback session. ΣXHALE is a biome whose existence requires alternative forms of empathy and knowledge.

  • 1Photo © Nikolaus Ostermann

ΣXHALE is based on an experimental format of interaction between performers and audience. Instead of involving the audience in conventional participatory mechanisms, the performers are trained to build intimate relationships with the audience during the performance. These relationships then influence both the dramaturgy of the play and the audience's experience of it. Feedback from a limited audience on this type of interaction is very valuable to the ΣXHALE team. In doing so, they would like to give the audience the opportunity to discuss and ask questions about the artistic processes, technologies and reasonings at the core of the piece. We are looking for 15 people to take part in an open rehearsal of the performance piece ΣXHALE as audience members and participate in a feedback session immediately after the performance.

To register for the open rehearsal please send a short email with your full name and 1-2 sentences about what aspects of the piece there is particular interest in to studio(at)frontevacuo.com

To register for the Open Rehearsal and the following feedback session the 2G+ rule applies (vaccinated, recovered, plus booster shot or negative test) and wearing a FFP2 mask throughout the event.)

Karten-Telefon: 030 / 28 87 88 58 8
  • Fr., 04.02.2022, 18:00
wo: RADIALSYSTEM, Holzmarktstr. 33, Friedrichshain, 10243 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

About the venue


Radialsystem is strongly linked to Berlin’s independent performance and music scene. At the same time it is a centre of attraction for world-class artists, providing them with spaces of time and possibility suitable for experimental productions. Young and up-and-coming artists find an inspirational environment at Radialsystem, too – one that cherishes the extraordinary and makes room for it. Radialsystem gets the conversation going: It takes up creative and social issues, innovations and moods and gives artistic form to the dialogue. The immersion, conjunction and amplification of issues from the fields of culture, science, politics, economics and society happens here.This makes Radialsystem the ideal venue for conferences, receptions, exhibitions, media productions, award ceremonies, parties and much more. It is the inspirational atmosphere and the fascinating fusion of the old and the new in the building’s architecture that allows for innovative and surprising constellations.


About the venue


ΣXHALE is part of the performance series "Humane Methods,” an ever-multiplying chain of stage productions by the artist group Fronte Vacuo. The piece addresses forms of human violence that have emerged from the convergence of polarized societies, algorithmic megastructures, and natural ecosystems. Combining dance, theater, interactive music, body art, and biotechnological installation, ΣXHALE takes shape in six episodes as a collective, durational experiment. The audience is immersed in a garden-like habitat of human performers, plants, fungi, and algorithms generated by an omnipresent AI called <dmb>. As human, non-human, and artificial life forms interact in this ritual choreography, a shared intimacy emerges that draws attention to the need for respectful coexistence and interdependence.

About the performing arts group

Fronte Vacuo

Fronte Vacuo (Marco Donnarumma, Margherita Pevere, Andrea Familari) is a bastard performing arts group. Founded in 2019 in Berlin as a response to the convergence of ecological disruption, socio-political polarization and technological advance, Fronte makes live art for a world at the edge of collapse. Owing to the decade-long experience of its militants in defying boundaries across art genres, Fronte creates hybrid live art events as social experiments, where bodies, symbionts, sounds, AI machines and images interweave with one another, coagulating into pulsing and tumultuous biomes. The group’s ongoing project Humane Methods reflects on the
myriad violences emerging from the entanglement of human societies, natural ecosystems and algorithmic megastructures.