Multi-Media Theatre Piece + Discussion Moving through embedded trauma & communing with the ghosts of history

Sa. 11.05.2019   19:30->Theater im Delphi , Weißensee

Post-Show Artist Talk following 'Hecate House'

"Hecate House" is a new theatre piece merging the worlds of narrative play, installation art, and pagan practice. Join the creators for a post-show dialogue on collaboratively- devised, interdisciplinary performance forms.

1 "Hecate House may offer us the wonders of this world – but first we must be willing to show the most hidden parts of ourselves..." Foto © Andrea Galad2 Jens Heuwinkel, Freier Regisseur, Mitglied der künstlerischen Leitung des 24h Theaters Berlin

The Post-Show Artist-Talk on "Hecate House" will invite the audience into an intimate discussion of this new multi-media theatre piece. Director James Darrah and writer Christopher Adams-Cohen will be joined by artists from the creative team to describe their experience of devising a piece of work through collaborative methods, and on the future of interdisciplinary storytelling. Among the topics addressed will be the political potential of cross-cultural collaboration, the merging of artistic disciplines, and the breakdown of formal structures. This Artist-Talk will address the social importance of creating safe, creative spaces in which to move through embedded trauma, commune with the ghosts of history, and confront our most primal impulses.

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7:30 pm – Performance

after the show, 9:30 pm - Artist Talk 

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wann: Sa. 11.05.2019   19:30

wo: Theater im Delphi
Gustav-Adolf-Straße 2, Weißensee, 13086 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

About the venue

Theater im Delphi

The former silent film theater Delphi miraculously survived WWII, and remained closed during GDR times. It remained closed to the general public until the artist team Per Aspera e.V. re-opened the space in 2012. The theatre is now being reawakened as an international center for arts and culture, a venue which is home to a diverse spectrum of events: theater, dance opera, concerts, performances, forums, exhibitions, and many hybrid projects which lie somewhere in between. Exceptional projects which think "outside the box" are at home with us. More than almost any other venue in the city, this theater embodies the vivid cultural landscape for which Berlin has become famous – a fertile environment for exciting new developments in the arts – a reputation held in the 1920's just as today, in this unique space, then as now. 

About the piece

Hecate House

Jewish-American siblings John and Billie are caught in a storm while hiking through the Black Forest. They are offered shelter by two unusual twin sisters who have lived alone together in an abandoned hunting lodge since they were young girls. When a connection is discovered between the sisters' lineage and the mystery cult religion of the ancient Moon-Goddess Hecate, the travelers are initiated into a ritual of deep transformation.

This production brings together an international ensemble of artists to compose a uniquely interdisciplinary piece of theatre. Featuring live electronic music improvisations, original choreography, hand-embroidered set-pieces, and a constantly- evolving projection and light installation, Hecate House merges artistic disciplines and pushes formal boundaries. As the characters move deeper into the mysteries of the house, the play's narrative structure shifts into dream-like abstraction: moments of cinematic intimacy give way to mythically operatic sequences, intricately choreographed dances and participatory ceremonies.

Presented in English, with select scenes in German. Synopsis available in program. 

About the artists

Christopher Adams-Cohen & James Daraah

In 2016, Christopher Adams-Cohen (Writer, Performer) wrote and co-produced his debut original play, SALOME, at the Mack Sennett Studios in Silverlake, in which he also played the titular role. The performance was deemed, “A steamy gay fever-dream... with a subversive sense of humor” (Showmag) and “...a surreal experience that is simply beautiful to watch” (Stage Raw). He also served as Artistic Director at Montserrat, a multimedia performance space in the DTLA Arts District, and as Associate Director for the award- winning immersive reimagining of Carrie: The Musical at the historic Los Angeles Theatre. Christopher is now based in Berlin, and can currently be seen performing in Gob Squad's critically-acclaimed Creation: Pictures For Dorian at HAU 2. 

Working internationally at the convergence of opera, theater, and film, James Darrah's (Director) multifaceted focus has quickly led him to be recognized as “a gifted young American director" (Chicago Tribune), with an unconventional body of directing, design and curatorial work that "injects real drama" (New York Times) into new theater and opera productions, films, events, installations, and music videos. James is the artistic director of Opera Omaha’s ONE Festival, a new artist and team-driven performance series hailed for work that “expands the boundaries of the form with artist-led events” (The Wall Street Journal). 

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