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Do. 29.08.2019   19:00->DOCK 11 EDEN*****, Prenzlauer Berg

Artist talk following 'OH-2'

'OH-2' is a kinetic dance exploring the self in relationship to the number and revealing the contradiction between our race’s capacity for freedom against its most illogical and destructive behaviors. Christine Bonansea invites the audiences to explore human conditioned reality and to discuss the understanding of humanity.

1 “The complete irresponsibility of man for his actions and his nature is the bitterest drop which he who understands must swallow” Nietzsche. Foto @ Sigel Eschkol.2 Mathieu Pelletier, Schauspieler

What is to be human? How do we simultaneously exist as individual beings, and as one entity? How do we perceive humanity? After the performance the audiences are invited to discuss these philosophical questions with the choreographer Christine Bonansea and to share their impressions of the experienced dance piece.

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7:00 pm – Performance
8:00 pm -  Artist Talk

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wann: Do. 29.08.2019   19:00

wo: DOCK 11 EDEN*****
Kastanienallee 79, Prenzlauer Berg, 10435 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

About the venue

Dock 11

The factory level of Dock 11 in Kastanienallee in Prenzlauer Berg is a rehearsals room, teaching studio and dance stage in one. The stage programme has interdisciplinary supplements such as theatre, performance, literature, music, visual art, film and club art – however the main focal point of every performance is on purely dance elements. Together with its other premises in EDEN***** in Berlin-Pankow, Dock 11 has established itself as an important part of the Berlin dance scene. The unique combination of teaching, rehearsal and stage generates an exciting change of perspectives in both the artists and pupils, as well as among the audience.  (source:



About the dance performance


OH-2 is a multimedia work created in collaboration with the visual artist Yoann Trellu and the composer Nicol Carroll. This work is the second part of the OH Project series that enquires human conditioned reality, following OnlyHuman solo piece. The performance series is inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s book Human, All Too Human in which he organizes his thoughts regarding metaphysics, ethics, conflict and morality as expanded aphorisms.

The piece explores multiple bodies that become one, using the mass and density of a large cast of artists and the audience. The body-mass will play with various physical quantities and dynamics; revealing evolving movement and spatial transformation. Starting from the audience perspective, the space is reversed, like a portal, challenging dimensional perceptions and playing with the mass of the audience as a single body occupying the space, disturbed and modulated by spatial variations of the performing group. The bodies of both performers and audience members shift between states of conflict, separation, tension and agreement thus creating dynamic expression that simultaneously reveals human limitations. Together with my collaborators, through kinetic manipulation OH-2 aims to create an experience where perceptions are distorted and questioned, providing new perspective and understanding.

OH-2 performances will engage a local and global community. In a world challenged by radical and critical environmental changes, political and social tensions, it seems crucial to provide larger access to this work and to invite new communities to experience this urgent inquiry.

About the dancer and choreographer

Christine Bonansea

Christine Bonansea is dancer, choreographer and director of Christine Bonansea Company based in NYC. After studying in La Sorbonne and graduated in contemporary dance, she pursued her training at EXERCE CCN - Mathilde Monnier in France and later with Ralph Lemon, Wally Cardona, Nancy Starks Smith in USA. She performed for Faustin Linyekula, Sara Shelton Mann, Tino Seghal, Nita Little, Yoshiko Chuma among other artists. Her work has been seen in Danspace Project, the Judson Church, Dixon place, JACK (NYC), Dock11(Berlin), ODC, the Lab, the Yerba Buena (San Francisco), Morishita Studio (Japan). Christine Bonansea Company has been supported by funds from the Zellerbach Family Foundation, American Dance Abroad, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Theater Bay Area the LAD-Dancer’s Group, Creative Engagement Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and sponsored by New York Live Arts. 



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