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Sa. 24.08.2019   20:00->ACUD Theater, Mitte

Artist talk following 'Tell me your night dreams'

Interaxia propose a performance with Music, Dance and collective Improvisation, where the audience is active in the process. Join the artis talk after the show and share your impressions with Anaïs Poulet, Marion Ruault, Leander Reininghaus, Valentin Martel, Christian Lehr.

1 We invite the audience in an experience where everybody can share its own dream and become witness of process of building a collectiv dream. Foto © Interaxia2 Mathieu Pelletier, Schauspieler

How were dreams in the history of human civilization interpreted and valued? How can dreams be improvised? In the charming atmosphere of the ACUD Theatre, artists and spectators meet for an exchange about what they see and feel.

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8:00 pm – Performance

after the show, 9:00 pm - Artist Talk 

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wann: Sa. 24.08.2019   20:00

wo: ACUD Theater
Veteranenstr.21, Mitte, 10119 Berlin (Auf Stadtplan zeigen.)

About the venue

The ACUD Theater

Since 1990, The ACUD Theater has been a place for innovative and experimental work that builds bridges between disciplines in the performing arts. It's Berlin Mitte district home offers 120 performances annually in a 70-seat theater, that include dance, physical theater, butoh, and mixed experimental performing forms. The large majority of ACUD's shows are new productions, Berlin premieres, or world premieres.

An independent theater, ACUD supports national and international theater pieces, making daring experimentation possible. ACUD organizes festivals, initiates international exchanges, multicultural events, facilitates community engagement through theater, and hosts literary readings, workshops, master classes, and laboratories. 

About the performance

Interaxia. Tell me your night dreams

We will improvise, on the univers of our dreams.

We want to explore and create a dialogue with these intermediates states of modified consciousness, in relation to hypnosis, meditation, astral travel where symbolic doors are open.

During the course of the history and the civilizations, dream knew different approaches, meanings, beliefs and interpretations.

Dreams can bring different perceptions of time, space, a path to the supernatural, the ancestors, the divine, or as a means of healing, knowledge and revelation.

We invite the audience in an experience where everybody can share its own dream and become witness of process of building a collectiv dream.

About the artists

Marion Rouault, Leander Reininghaus, Valentin Martel, Anais Poulet, Christian Lehr

Marion Ruault is a French Musician, Improviser and Composer. She studied Jazz, Classical Music and World Music at the National Conservatory of Lyon in France. Navigating between several styles of music, she performs in many venues and festivals, multiples projects and collaborated with prestigious artists and improvisers.  

Leander Reininghaus, guitar, bass and more..., worked as composer, producer and instrumentalist for CD-, movie-, dance- and theatre productions as well as for exhibitions and multimedia events. His work can be heard on more than 40 CDs. His interest in livelooping (on stage since 1986) and textural music led to the recordings and solo performances of "STARSCAPES - Music Inspired By Views Of Space". 

Valentin Martel is a French musician born in 87. He started to learn african percussions with Musicians from Senegal when he had 14 yo. Since 2003 he played over 1000 concerts in different style of music, 

mostly jazz, Blues and folk, but also Rock, world and improvised music. 

Anaïs Poulet is a performance artist and dancer born in the south of France.  Her work is inspired by severals stylies of dance, improvisation, somatic movement, butoh, and mime. 

Christian Lehr likes to search together with other human beings for presence and contact. He practices Systema, Aikido, Talmi-Methode® and Contact Improvisation.





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